2012 to 2018 Big Picture Insights

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Leza lays out some thrilling big picture insights about this year of Gratitude and its role in our global awakening. We also get some preview concepts of the years ahead in this extraordinary decade, ideas that stir the mystery and plant seeds of who we are becoming.


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  1. Listened again. You call it a tidal wave. I have been calling it a tsunami. My life is being radically changed and I am definitely in pain when I try to hold onto what is being shed. My life is in immense change. My call for the more real has led to shedding pieces of my life I never expected to have to let go. So for me this year so far has been full of joy and wonder and also deep pain and sorrow. Part of me wants to be lifted out of the old paradigm and part of me is resisting. Hence the joy and the suffering. I intensely desire to live a soul and spirit led life and co create every moment.

    This journey takes immense courage.
    Sometimes I am still scared as I am led through my connection to the divine deeper into this year.

  2. Listened- processing. For now what I got is acknowledging Divine in gratitude is important. Also- what about my patterns no longer works and and am bored with and ready to set down. I am grateful for both of you for your sharing and teaching !

  3. I’m so glad this topic is resonating for all of you. There is so much “resonance shakedown” happening in the world right now, as gratitude makes its presence known. I am certainly feeling it, and my clients are feeling it, and we all are facing old patterns that MUST be released if we are to fully discover co-creation.

    TIfin, that’s an interesting question about birth year. I honestly have no idea. I was born in 1955, which is the sixth year of that 10 year arc, but I don’t know how that would influence my process. As for the themes of each of the years, I’m not aware of a specific list on the Lazaris site. I personally have been tracking them since 1987, which was the year of Discovery. 1988 was Compassion. 1989 was Renewal. and 1990 was the Year of Awakening, the beginning of a ten year arc that Lazaris calls the “Most monumental decade in the history of humankind.” This was the decade when humanity made the choice to claim the new paradigm and succeed in our conscious evolution. Kind of a big deal. 😉

    I’m looking forward to being with so many of you on May 3rd and going much deeper!


  4. “There’s no way to know what co-creating is while standing in the separation paradigm”. This sentence alone was a breath of fresh air.

    I really get when I’m on the side of co-creation (as far as I can know it now) and when I completely forget that it’s even a possibility. The more I’m in chaos, drama… etc., the more I forget and that’s when I most need to remember. Fortunately the forgetting moments don’t last as long as they used to. So exciting that some day we’ll really remember and know who we are. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Wow! Thank you for this! I listened this morning, and want to listen again. I am very curious about the patterns set within decades…the first seven years following a seven step process of energy…and the last 3 expanding into others? Curious if the year we were born holds a particular energy for us in terms of the seven step process and life focus?…ie: if you were born in the 4th year, does your life have a certain determined pattern? Also…I am curious if you have or if there is a list anywhere with Concept Synergy of the themes/energies of the years going back and into the future? This is interesting stuff! I am excited to know the energies coming…a way of living into the future. I am super excited about the day in May! Lots of love, Tifin

  6. Jeanine, I hope your right about it getting easier. For me the chaos is around control for the sake of both safety and a yearning for freedom. Lots of frustration around that paradox! I too am ready to stop needing to control. It feels like such a trap to think that change comes from managing the world. I am not only bored but frustrated and now and then in a state of tantrum.

    I feel as if my practice of gratitude is strong but lately I have heard my NE flavor it with “just be grateful for what you have and don’t even expect more”. I feel like I’m missing something in order to lean into the light chaos with both gratitude and with hope.

  7. Scared. Excited. Moved.

  8. Move over calgon; “gratitude take me away”!

    Thanks for the recording. I am curious and eager to hear more.


  9. Please let us know if you listen to the recording.. and what ideas are sparked for you!

    • I’m struck by the idea that the energy of gratitude will lift us out of chauvinism/separation if we’ll let it. I was feeling the energy of Gratitude during your session at the Co-Active Summit. Although I’ve done wounding work with you and Jeanine over the years, I was blown away when I came to the realization that my core wounding was the separation from my “femaleness,” my femininity. It came through me with such profound truth and clarity that it literally made my knees buckle. My soul has been preparing me to heal this separation and I see that it’s a crucial part on my path to live my Great Story. It was timely to listen to the recording after having that experience and hear how gratitude can lift us out of separation and into enchantment.

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