A New Dream for the Modern World

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A New Dream for the Modern World

I’ve just returned from a fabulous week in New York.  Jeanine and I spent a few days in the city, engaging our passion for Broadway shows, before heading up to beautiful Lake George for The Bigger Game Expo.

The Expo was a beautiful and transformative event. I had the honor of presenting the opening keynote speech on Friday morning. I spoke about the extraordinary opportunity before us—the opportunity to consciously work magic together, and participate in re-enchanting the world. I talked about making a sacred crossing from the paradigm of separation into a new paradigm of connection, belonging and co-creation.

Together, we explored the sacred resonance of enchantment, and discussed ways to cultivate this resonance, changing the world as we enchant our own lives.

At Lucid Living, we often quote Lazaris, who says that this is the most exciting time in the history of humankind.

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You may wonder, “How is this exciting?” We look around and see a world on the brink of devastation, with problems that seem unsolvable. But there is a shift of consciousness under way that is transforming the world from the inside out. We are being called to own our magic and to dream the solutions into reality. Enchantment is our ally.

This magical inner work is so important!  Sometimes it is difficult to comprehend how much we matter in the world’s awakening. We wonder if the choices we make on a daily basis really do matter in the broad scheme of things.

And the answer is YES! Every day you have a choice whether to feed the world of separation or feed the world of enchantment. For example, every emotion you feel and release feeds a world of Unity. Every emotion denied feeds a world of separation and pain. Every act of forgiveness, every embrace of hope, every expression of compassion feeds an enchanted new world.

How miraculous is it that we get to play a role in the world’s evolution?

The thread of magic and enchantment continued throughout the conference, as multiple presenters shared their beauty, their courage, their passion and their magnificent work in the world.

In particular, Jeanine and I were completely enchanted by Lynne Twist, the stunning keynote presenter on Saturday morning. She shared a beautiful, vulnerable story about her experience of working with Mother Theresa, and then shared the Bigger Game she is doing with the Pachamama Alliance. It is an alliance between the indigenous people of the Amazon rain forest, and conscious members of the modern world who are committed to saving this essential heart of the planet’s health.

One of the messages Lynne brought back from the Achuar people was that we must change the dream of the modern world. It is not enough to think we can simply change behavior. Because our behavior follows the dream we are dreaming for ourselves. The Achuar understand that those of us in the modern world are “caught up in a collective trance.” Lynne said that they do not make us wrong for this, but instead, they have compassion for how separate we have become. They know our futures rely upon each other, and they are dreaming us awake.

I love this language of being “caught in a trance” to describe the illusion of separation. For years we’ve been talking about the paradigm of separation, and the strategies of domination it produces and how this affect our life and health, which we care a lot about, trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and taking care of every part of our health, which includes our dental health with treatments from sites as https://tophealthjournal.com/ and others. What these indigenous people understand is that we are in pain. We are lost, cut off, and desperate to find our way back to wholeness, whether we admit it or not.

They also understand that from a place of separation, our “dream” is distorted. It is a dream born out of perceived lack, and it drives us to actions of greed and exploitation of the earth. It is a dream that is not sustainable for us, or for the earth.

As we continue to work magic for the world’s awakening, I invite us all to align with the Achuar people. We can sense their powerful magic and align ourselves with its resonance. We, too, can dream the modern world awake, and imagine the dream of the modern world changing.

As always, the magic begins with YOU. Take a deeper look at the dream you are dreaming for yourself and for the world. What are you dreaming? Is it a dream born of separation or enchantment?

The world of separation is dying. Lynne speaks about the opportunity we have to hold loving hospice for the world that is dying, as we actively become midwives for the new world that is coming into being. This is a beautiful perspective, to see each part of the equation as an act of love.

There is no need to blame and judge the world that is dying. In fact, those energies only keep it in place. Instead, we can understand the function the world of separation has held and forgive it. We can work each day to feed a world of enchantment and be witness to its miraculous unfolding.

This is a big piece of my dream for our Mystic Bridge community. Let’s cultivate this space together as a playground of inspiration and support for enlightened magicians worldwide. It is a place to remember who we really are, to be inspired, to share the journey with other magicians and to do the magical work we came to do.

I love knowing this is a place where we can dream and work magic together, and celebrate the new world emerging.

Thank you to Lynne Twist for her inspiration, compassion and love. And thank you to all the presenters and attendees of the Expo for their gracious contributions. And huge thanks to Rick Tamlyn and Chuck Lioi for creating this magnificent conference that lifted us to sacred communion and joy!


  1. Yes, Leza – Thank you!

    I particularly love (and need) the lines reminding me (1) how every emotion you felt and released feeds a world of Unity, and every one denied feeds a world of separation and pain; and (2) that our collective “dream” is born out of perceived lack, driving us to actions of greed and exploitation… In fact, I think I’ll share them with the Daring Greatly class I am teaching. If nothing else, it’ll help me integrate them. 🙂

    Love to you,

  2. Thank you for this message Leza. I just made the time to read it this morning. It is perfectly timed with the unfolding of my summer vacation to help me focus on removing activities which cause separation and cultivate more enchantment.

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