Lucid Living is in the business of training both the shift of perception and the necessary life skills for the unprecedented spiritual evolution of our age.

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LezaLeza Danly, LLMC, CPCC

Founder and Co-Director

“Lucid Living started from a synergy of two potent desires. As a coach, I was interested in supporting people to take charge of their conscious awakening. As a trainer of life coaches, I wanted my students to not only build their skills, but to have the depth, complexity and sophistication that lifts coaching to an art. It seemed to me like a perfect marriage, to combine a Co-Active approach to coaching with an in-depth study of potent metaphysical truths.

“An equally compelling motivation was my desire to immerse myself in the spiritual and metaphysical conversation as a structure to further my own learning process and deepen my communion with the Divine.

“Lucid Living has become, for me, an exquisite playground of discovery and service. Jeanine and I have boundless fun creating sacred experiences that enrich the lives of our students. We are grateful every day for the joy of Lucid Living.”

Leza Danly is the Founder and Co-Director of Lucid Living. She is a Lucid Living Master Coach (LLMC and CPCC), and a thirty-five year teacher of metaphysics and spirituality. She lives with her husband, Frank, in Novato, California.

JeanineJeanine Mancusi, LLMC, CPCC


“I want to live in the world you see.” 

“This is what I said to Leza at a training retreat for leaders of THE COACHES Training Institute. She was perceiving something I could not, but I could sense the realness and depth of it. It seemed she had keys that made life more loving and fun and deeply fulfilling. I wanted it for myself, and for my coaching clients.

“I asked Leza to create a class to teach me and a few others, which became the pilot of the first teleclass. Two years later, we decided to become partners and to craft a curriculum that would change lives. It is true that the best way to deeply learn something is to teach it. These fourteen years have accelerated my spiritual journey beyond what I could have imagined, and I’ve watched Lucid Living become a force of transformation in the life of countless others.”

Jeanine Mancusi is a Lucid Living Master Coach (LLMC and CPCC) and a Co-Director of Lucid Living. Jeanine’s spirituality is rooted in her relationship to Nature. She is a passionate hiker and skier, and lives with her husband, Bob, in Nevada City, California.



The Lucid Living material is based in visionary metaphysical concepts learned from Lazaris, co-active coaching approaches developed by CTI, and the personal experiences of the co-directors.

The Lazaris material is a vast library of concepts, techniques, meditations and discussions comprising an ever- evolving exploration of human spirituality. The study of this material is an endlessly fascinating adventure. We are deeply grateful to Lazaris for sharing their love and wisdom and being a friend on our sacred journey. (For more information about Lazaris, visit www.Lazaris.com)

Thank you to Jach Pursel for your generosity in sharing the Lazaris material. Thank you, too, for your courage which inspires us to dream bigger dreams and stretch to make them real.

We also wish to thank CTI for the brilliance of the CoActive coaching model and for providing a dynamic playground of innovation in the early days of coaching. Thank you to Karen, Henry and Laura, the founders of CTI, for all you taught us—as mentors, as colleagues, and for your friendship and support. (For more information about CTI, visit www.TheCoaches.com)

Deep gratitude to the extraordinary team of leaders and masterful coaches who provide one-on-one guidance to the students in our workshops. Thank you for your loving support of us and our vision, and your commitment to the integrity of Lucid Living.

Thank you to the many volunteers who in their passion for Lucid Living are endlessly generous. We feel your love and are changed by it.

Photo Credit: All of the wonderful images of Leza and Jeanine throughout this site are the work of In Her Image Photography. We appreciate the talent and artistry of Heidi and Tara.

Finally, thank you to our courageous and magnificent students. Your hunger for this work inspires us to greater creativity. Your trust of our leadership calls us to deeper responsibility. It is a joy to serve you on your personal journey of awakening.

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