The Lucid Living Approach

Lucid Living is in the business of training both the shift of perception and the necessary life skills for the unprecedented spiritual evolution of our age.

We provide the components of a new operating system and teach you how to install it, upgrading your experience of life so that everything functions better—loving relationships, professional success, struggle-free abundance, creative fulfillment and ever-evolving spiritual wisdom.


Our Proven 7-Step System of Change


Embedded in every course in Lucid Living’s curriculum of transformational programs, is an integrated 7-step approach that ensures lasting change.


1. Perception of Reality. We set the stage with expansive key concepts that instantly shift your perception of reality.


2.  Spiritual Principles. We give you a complete spiritual framework for operating in the emerging new paradigm, with detailed maps to get wherever you want to go.


3.  Emotional Empowerment. We transform your relationship to your full range of emotions – the fuel of your reality creation – and guide you through the challenging emotions that would have you turn away from your power.


4.  Inner Voice. We connect you to your inner wisdom and provide the empowering distinctions to recognize the loving inner voice you can trust.


5.  Practical Magic. We provide the invaluable tools and techniques for meeting life’s challenges, fulfilling your heart’s desires and transforming your world around you.


6.  Higher Guidance. We lead you into altered states of awareness with beautiful guided visualizations where you lift beyond your limitations and learn to receive healing and change from higher aspects of your consciousness.


7.  Community Support. We offer a playground of support to share your unique journey with others and receive the help you need.

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