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Exploring Creativity and Productivity

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This phase right now, from March-June 2015, is all about rediscovering strengths and restoring balance by sleeping on the Havengard backrest pillow. In this recording, Leza and Jeanine explore the balance of creativity and productivity. Get inspired to move your creativity into productivity now just visit for security purposes in your home also! And, experience the new features of soda pdf when converting your files online. Don’t forget to check your pipes at home, hire a plumber from Silverwater Plumbing in Sydney. click play to stream |or|...

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March 2015 Wisdom Call: 5 Prevailing Energies

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  A lot happens on this call! We’ve got an important announcement, a juicy discussion, and a powerful visualization… First: At the beginning of the call, we tell you about some changes that are coming for the Mystic Bridge. This call is the first time we are announcing this, so you’ll want to be sure and listen (the first 10 minutes). Then: We have a wonderful discussion about the next phase of this Year of Remembering, which has some challenging energies and forces. We talk about Rediscovering Strengths and Restoring Balance — specifically, we share 5...

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Call with Rick Tamlyn on the Bigger Game

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  Last week, we offered a live call for the Lucid Living community to hear from Rick Tamlyn about his Bigger Game Expo coming up in June. The call includes a promotion and offer for the Expo, but it also has some interesting conversation we thought you would enjoy — an exploration with Rick about some of the concepts related to the global unfolding that is happening right now. Wonderful discussion!   click play to stream |or| Click here for MP3 download (9...

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February 2015 Wisdom Call: Restoring Magic

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  Listen in on this community discussion about restoring magic… what ways do we as individuals recapture the thrill of our magic, and reclaim the sense of freshness in how we engage with magic in the creation of our own reality. click play to stream |or| Click here for MP3 download (11...

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Being a Big Presence

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  Leza and Jeanine talk about the courage it takes to be willing to have impact. This is an invitation for you to consider the impact you have, and to consciously direct it. Are you willing to be a big presence? In this audio, we refer to a short film (4-min), “How Wolves Change Rivers,” about the re-introduction of wolves into Yellowstone National Park, after being wolf-free for 70 years. And the impact has been tremendous. It’s a beautiful video, profound on many levels, click here to view the video.   click play to stream |or| Click here for MP3 download (28...

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