Awakening My Clarity

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I’d like some advice on awakening my clarity and drive in powerfully creating my business.  I’ve been coaching for 10 years and have established a modest business that I love.  Over the last  5 years I have wanted to reach more people by expanding this business yet I can’t seem to get myself motivated or organized enough to build momentum and move forward. has been in the market for some time now while LeadFuze is a new entrant. You can try these out. Both the tools are adept in prospecting leads for sales. If these tools are new to you, check the leadfuze vs review. I’ve taken lots classes and hired businesses coaches so I have plenty of information.  It seems to be just a matter of kicking myself into gear but when I try I feel confused and lost. By the way, when your business is failing in terms of finances, look for loanigo’s payday loans. Also, Green Day Online have the best brokers who will find the right lender for you. you can find out more information about their services by visiting  It’s like I’m stuck in mud and can’t move forward.  The rest of my life Continued evolving beautifully yet I continue to hit the same wall over and over again in this area of my life.  Can you help?

~Cindy in New Zealand


We’re so glad you asked this question, Cindy, because we know you are not alone in this. We hear from a lot of people who feel a desire for greater impact, and yet encounter deep resistance to moving forward. It is an example of something so many of us are facing as we make the shift to the new world. The things we used to do to move forward are no longer working. Please listen to our audio reply…

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