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hope-tulips_500aWhat does it mean to be a beacon of hope in these chaotic, disturbing and uncertain times?

You see, I believe in my heart that’s what you came here to do, but you may not always know exactly how to do it. Is it just about positive thinking, and refusing the seduction of fear? Or is there greater complexity to this thing called hope?

As someone dedicated to awakening your consciousness as you discover the Secrets of Yoga, you are part of an energetic force of goodness, truth and beauty on this planet. That may sound lofty, but I want you to pause and open up to the reality of that statement.

As we’ve been saying for 17 years here at Lucid Living, the world is in the midst of a profound process of change. We are shaking off centuries of a Patriarchal World Culture (PWC) that has taught us to operate from fear, using tools of competition, manipulation and control to dominate people and circumstances.

The structures of the PWC are crumbling, and from one perspective, this is a scary time to be alive.

At the same time, this is an extraordinary time to be alive. Your voice, your energy, your choices, and your emotional vulnerability and strength are needed as part of a crucial wave of consciousness leading our world into the light of a new paradigm of love and connection.

The key to that birthing process is HOPE.

We have our work cut out for us, made more challenging due to the problems associated with hope.

The first problem is that hope is widely misunderstood in our current culture. We hear catch phrases such as “hope is not a strategy,” which reduces hope to an impotent act of wishful thinking. Few know or understand the crucial role of hope in the emerging new world.

Hope is a powerful, creative force. Without hope, you would not initiate or create anything in your life.

Among the many definitions of hope, it is perhaps best to start with the awareness that hope is a genuine positive expectation. When you honestly expect a positive outcome, hope is present.

Unfortunately, many think of hope as something to reach for when you have a negative expectation. It is seen as a last ditch wish, or a prayer, for an outside force to intervene.

Real hope is a beacon of inspiration. It is a force of light and truth that gives birth to new possibilities and potentials. Hope lifts you into states of magical creation.

The second problem is that most of us have hope tied to circumstances. Our hope tends to ebb and flow depending on “how things are going.”

I’ve been thinking about this a lot since the recent U.S. Presidential Election. On one level, this was a political event. But I’d like to step outside politics for a moment and talk about it from the standpoint of hope, and the energetic shifts taking place in our world.

For more than half of the population, hope took a serious hit on November 9th when it became clear that Donald Trump would be our next president. (Similarly, another segment of the population would have lost hope if Hillary Clinton had won.)

On a personal level, as a passionate Hillary supporter, I was devastated. My usual hopeful outlook was aggressively eclipsed by strong feelings of shock, disappointment, fear, anger and grief, with a strong seduction to powerlessness.

In the last three weeks, I have been committed to staying emotionally present, surrendering to the full range of emotions that emerge when life takes a sudden turn in an unwelcome direction.

Trusting my emotional authenticity is the cornerstone of my spiritual practice. And yet, even with all I know and have experienced of its magic, it is still a challenging thing to do.

It is so tempting at a time like this to do one of three things:

  1. Choose some version of shutting down, disengaging, numbing out, despairing, despondency, cynicism
  2. Choose to linger in martyr, self-pity, powerlessness, blame and suffering
  3. Escape the pain with a superficial perspective shift – “deciding” that all is well, skating on the surface of emotions and clinging to false hope

The third choice is perhaps the most deceptive, because it appears hopeful. But so often it lacks the necessary insight and personal responsibility that gives birth to the substance and power of genuine hope.

I’ve heard from many clients that they are having a hard time “getting over” the election. I understand these feelings.

For many, the unsettled pain of this election has less to do with a temporary victory of a Republican vs. Democratic ideology. We’ve all experienced elections where our chosen candidate did not win.

This one is different. There is shock and a rising panic that perhaps we are heading in the direction of lost freedoms, decreasing safety, and the normalizing of bigotry and hatred.

Over and over I’ve heard friends and colleagues say, “I didn’t think this was possible.”

Beneath it all, I hear this terrifying concern: The Patriarchy is winning.

(And just to be completely clear: When I speak about the Patriarchy, or the PWC, I am NOT talking about men vs. women. I am talking about the distorted principles of competition, control and domination, which can be embraced by both men and women, that are characteristic of the PWC.)

Here’s what we need to remember: The emerging new paradigm is not about The Divine Feminine conquering the dominating Patriarchy. That would simply be another round of competition.

We need to move off the game-board of competition altogether. I think part of the job at hand is to stand back for a moment and become a witness to a miraculous unfolding: An old world is crumbling and there are many who are terrified to let it go, fighting for a way of life that is already obsolete. Some people are overtly clinging to the past. But even if you see yourself as someone committed to a new paradigm of love and connection, there is a part of you who is terrified to let go…

To let go of force and control… to let go of winning and losing… to let go of shame and disappointment and the rage of powerlessness.

The new world we are birthing does not need us to dominate and bully and force it into being. Instead, we must embrace it within, with all its mystery and chaos. We must face and forgive every last whisper of the PWC that lives inside us, and learn how to trust what we cannot see, yet we know in our hearts to be good and true.

And then we must bring the light of that transformation and forgiveness as an offering to the world.

It is time to look beyond what appears to be a victory of the Patriarchy, and hold firmly to a vision of the loving, cooperative, inclusive world of personal freedom and respect for all humanity that we seek.

We need to expect that world to emerge. We need to know it in our bones, without the evidence of circumstances.

We need to stand in HOPE.

Real, solid, transformative hope is found on the other side of personal responsibility. It takes courage to foster this kind of hope. It is messy and personal and an act of spiritual surrender.

It is time to remember what you came here to do, and more importantly, who you came here to be. You are one of the Light Bringers. The world is counting on the power of your genuine hope.

It is calling you to be both the Wise One, who is not derailed by mere circumstances, and also the Archetypal Fool, who steps out into the unknown, trusting what is unseen, daring to dream, to vision… and to hope.

Are you ready to dive into the substance of your personal responsibility and find the light within it?

Are you willing to become a shining beacon of hope?

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  1. Thank you for this.
    I’m very grateful to have been able to read it.
    Thank you.

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