Diving Deeply into the Unfamiliar Senses and Emerging Ecstatic

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Diving Deeply into the Unfamiliar Senses and Emerging Ecstatic

Wow! I am writing this in an altered state. I spent the morning skiing in my beloved Tahoe. I am up here alone and enjoying the days chillin’ on the hill. Most of you know I adore skiing- It’s no secret. This year has been challenging as there has not been much snow. It hasn’t been much fun. I feel like I have been skiing just because I have a season pass and felt like I should use it.

Today I feel like I have entered a whole new realm and want to share my experience with you as it relates to our conversation on the unfamiliar senses. First of all, the snow conditions have not changed, still pretty dismal. So I have been playing with ways to raise my enjoyment on the hill. I decided I was ready to listen to music while skiing down the hill. I felt comfortable enough to be in my own world without being able to hear those wild snowboarders coming up behind me.  I selected my favorite rock tune and asked I-Tunes to create a genius playlist for me. I was enjoying the solitude created by being in my own zone when I got the idea to explore the unfamiliar senses as I was cruising along.

jeanineJust the fact that I was ” cruising along” was new for me. For the last couple of years I have been trying to increase my speed and even clocked my myself at 38 miles per hour earlier this season. I like being a “jock ” from time to time. Today, I wanted to just soak in the beauty of the sky, the mountains, the lake, the trees and ME.

I began to explore substance first, while listening to the song ” Thank you ” by Alanis Morissette.  I relaxed and began to sense the Substance in the granite mountains beneath my skis, the deep , deep blue sky and the majestic trees all around me. To really feel the richly sacred landscape. To let its’ beauty touch me and move me. To experience joy and peace simultaneously, to feel exhilaration and serenity at the same moment , to be overcome with a sense of majesty and wonder and to feel inspired and allow the enchantment of nature  to wash through me. To sense the love all around me, above me, below me, wanting to envelope me in joy. I consciously chose to enter the solitude and its mystery . I became keenly aware of my substance. The deep feminine core of me. And holey moley, what began to show up in my skiing was breathtaking to me. I began a kind of graceful ballet down that hill. I have never felt so graceful, beautiful and one with nature.

And wouldn’t you know, in came Movement.. I felt deeply moved by what I was experiencing and started laughing as I heard Alanis say: “How about unabashedly bawling your eyes out? ” Yeah, how about that? So fun….

I began to think about Voice and how there seemed to be a new voice being expressed in my skiing. One of such tenderness and grace. Very different than the striving and competition that seemed to plague me this season.I could sense that I was saying something with my body and those skis on my journey down the mountain. By the way, if you want to improve your body and stay physically fit, visit diet dynamo website by clicking right here. And again I could sense movement. I was changing my cells going down that hill. Something profound was healing in me. My heart was opening wide and I was not afraid to be loved by the Divine. I was surrendering my separation.

I then began to consciously explore Light. I opened up to perceive the radiance of all that was around me. To sense the light in the trees, mountains, people, sky and in my being. I felt my radiance and life force  amping up as I gave into thrill and ecstasy and the joy of being present and experiencing incredible freedom. I felt like I was glowing with Divinity. (By the way I had hit repeat on I Tunes and was continuing to listen to Alanis and she sang: “How about remembering your Divinity?” Yeah, how about that?  Amazing!

So then  I opened to Warmth. I began by feeling my caring for this beautiful place on this earth and my special relationship with these mountains. I then started beaming my warmth to the other skiers and heard Alanis sing” How about how good it finally feels to forgive you?” and I began to profoundly forgive myself.  I could feel my warmth directed at me and it touched me and in came  movement…

Then came a feeling of profound gratitude and as Alanis continued to sing her litany of thank you to many energies.. I began to change the words… Thank you Leza, Thank you Bob,  Thank you Judy, Thank you Kathy, Thank you Michele, Thank you Frank,Thank you John, Thank you Julie, Thank you Lazaris, Thank you mountains, thank you lake, Thank you Goddess, Thank you God, Thank  you music, thank you Lucid Living students… I mentioned as many of you by name as I could remember in my altered state…

So here I am now watching the sun stream through the window, sitting in gratitude and in awe of the beauty all around me perceived through the wonder of the unfamiliar senses.

PS I highly recommend creating your own journey of discovery into the wonder of the unfamiliar senses.  And I would love to hear what you discover in you.  🙂

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  1. I just loved this. Skiing is a passion of mine, also. And to be reading this took me right there. I could feel and sense this experience as though it was mine. That joy, gratitude and sense of belonging to the divine, to nature, to the world around us. The harmony of movement as though you were dancing with the elements. Beautiful. This is way I love to ski.

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