Domination and Dominion

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You talk a lot about Domination and Dominion. What do these terms mean?

These are terms we use to describe a paradigm shift from a worldview based in fear to one based in love. In the paradigm of domination, you see the world as an unfriendly place that must be controlled by force. In Dominion, the world is a friendly place whose natural state is loving. One of my favorite Einstein quotes is one in which he says something to the effect that the most important decision we will make in our lives is whether or not the world is friendly. Is it our enemy or our ally?

This view of an unfriendly world is the perception of reality through the lens of your wounded ego. Understanding ego is a topic of great complexity, but here’s a short version. The ego is an essential aspect of self that allows you to function with choice in a world of duality. The ego is purposely limited in its scope. It is meant to be a messenger of information. It is not meant to be saddled with the responsibility of choice.

When we refuse to be responsible for our choices, we burden the ego with responsibility it cannot handle. This wounds the ego, and it scrambles to cope. It cannot understand higher realms of reality where consciousness is at the root of causation. It perceives the physical plane of reality as the only reality, finite in scope. From this awareness, it sees life as a competition for a finite supply. It cannot understand real power, so it seeks power over. This worldview generates the illusion of being separate– from self, from others, from the Divine. The sense of separation creates the illusion of powerlessness. Powerlessness generates rage, justifying more domination. Control, shame, manipulation, blame and entitlement are all strategies of false power in the paradigm of domination.

There is another paradigm, one that many are beginning to perceive and make real. The worldview of Dominion sees physical reality as an ally in your unfolding spirituality. It is a reflection of something more real at the metaphysical level of reality. The physical world becomes a playground of self-discovery, with unlimited opportunities to grow and change. It is an illusion, reflecting the necessary feedback about your beliefs, choices, thoughts and feelings so you can shift your consciousness, the source of all change.

In Dominion, you know you are not alone. You experience connection with the unseen world in all its complexity and learn the joy of co-creation. You receive. That receiving includes actively engaging the feedback of your illusion so you can take responsibility for the world of your creation. It also includes receiving love and help and Divine grace. You dance in the paradox that you create your own reality by directly causing some of it and allowing much of it to be created.

As you take more and more responsibility for your life, you become more empowered and free. You heal your wounded ego and release your distorted perceptions. You discover unseen realms of benevolence and generosity and stretch to new heights of expansive emotion… love that surpasses itself, joy beyond what you can imagine. You surrender to the mysteries of life and embrace the journey as a magnificent adventure. You accept yourself and others with compassion. You forgive and change. Spilling over with a bounty of love, you give of yourself in gratitude and celebration.

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