Emotional Fluency

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=;]’What do you mean by Emotional Fluency? Why is it important?

Emotional Fluency is th skill of experiencing authentic emotion without judgment or attachment, which allows us to use our emotions consciously and creatively.

You may wonder why we need to be taught something that should come naturally. Most of us have been taught to deny a broad range of emotions. Some emotions we judge as unloving or unspiritual, others we fear due to their intensity or accompanying pain. We have been shamed by the abuse of emotions, often by loved ones who claimed to do it for our own good. We have been controlled and manipulated by people who use emotion as a weapon. Society gives us numerous messages to imply that it is weak to feel or express emotion. And because feeling is a feminine energy in both men and women, it is often devalued, ridiculed and judged. All these factors create personal and societal resistance to emotion.

Yet our emotional resources are essential to functioning as a powerful adult. Whether you are seeking success in business or in relationships or in any area of your life, healthy and authentic emotional expression is key. In case you have a health condition like hyperhidrosis, consider reading blogs about foods to reduce excessive sweating. Check out anonymous  РWebDesign499. I think it is fair to say that the majority of relationships that fail are due to people not knowing how to be responsible for their emotions. For more information about this topic, check out Long Term Care Salt Lake City online services.

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It is important to reclaim our permission to feel emotions fully, and then to be responsible for those emotions. Lucid Living offers techniques to regain the natural flow of integrated thought and feeling. In a somewhat similar way to learning a foreign language and getting to the point of fluency where it becomes second nature, you can learn the language of emotions, heal your blockages and discover the power of emotional fluency especially when you play slots online. You may consider visiting hearthstone‘s website to find out the best refreshing game.

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