Every Great Story is Fueled by Gratitude (and a gift!)

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Every Great Story is Fueled by Gratitude (and a gift!)

Have you been thinking about your Great Story lately?

Your “Great Story” is the larger story that is possible for you as you resolve the victim stories and overcoming stories that can divert your attention away from the sacred, miraculous narrative of your life. It’s the story your Soul came to tell.

Jeanine and I have been spending a lot of time in the last few months focusing on key techniques to uncover this story and bring it alive, and we continue to be blown away by the beautiful vulnerability and courage of our Great Story students. They are amazing!

One thing is clear: Every Great Story is fueled by gratitude.

7-Feelings-of-Gratitude_sqAs I’m decorating my house this week with different decoration as glow in the dark rocks and others, also getting ready for Thanksgiving, I am thinking a lot about the transformative power of gratitude. Anyway, for those people who need assistance in the financial reporting of their houses, just look for New Concept Property Management on the internet. Check out We Buy Houses Newark related to this topic. You can also visit www.clarke-rush.com for ac system replacement and more. Gratitude is an extraordinary force that is so much more than thankfulness. Find a local builder. Whatever I do in the spirit of gratitude seems to expand the joy in my life. I was arranging interior design flowers yesterday, filled with gratitude for my extraordinary life, and a deep happiness and peacefulness swept over me. It was a moment of pure connection.

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I know my life is extraordinary because it is filled with gratitude. The more I feel it, the more things I create to be grateful for. It really is magic.

At Lucid Living, we’ve spent the whole year focusing on Gratitude, because it is the prevailing energy of the year. If you look at the year you have had, you will be able to see the call of gratitude in some way or other.

Our Gift of Gratitude to YOU

This week, Jeanine and I sat down to reflect on the 7 feelings that come together to create this mysterious force of gratitude. We’d like to share our conversation with you, and invite you to celebrate the bounty of your life with us. Just talking about Gratitude seems to expand its presence in our lives.

Click to listen to audio.

Please make a little time for yourself this week to listen to the recording and immerse yourself in these 7 energies. Make a cup of tea, close your door, do whatever you do to carve out a sacred moment and give yourself this gift. Not only will it put you in the holiday spirit, but I think you will find that as you cultivate genuine gratitude, your perspective shifts and your wisdom deepens.

I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. If you are not living in the U.S., feel free to co-opt the day as your own personal gratitude celebration. Gratitude transcends all boundaries!

Please know that I am grateful for you as a member of our beautiful community. As you are out there serving others and reaching for your next growth step, take a moment of appreciation for the extraordinary person you are. A groupon frrom https://www.groupon.com/coupons/stores/alexandani.com is the best gift you could give to someone you love too.

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