The Lucid Living Journey

The Lucid Living Journey

The Lucid Living Journey begins with establishing a Foundation of Magic:

  • Emotional Fluency – the self-awareness and skill set to experience, express and harness your emotions
  • Personal Complexity – integrating your many internal voices into a harmonious and loving team
  • Tools of Creation – learning to change your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, choices, desires and expectations to create more of what you want in your life
  • Spiritual Alignment – expanding your sense of value and embracing your personal relationship with your spiritual Source


Our introductory program, Secrets of Extraordinary Receiving, introduces you to the power of Resonance Magic and expands your capacity to joyously receive.

From this powerful foundation, you are ready to make the leap into a world of enchantment and magic.

Our Advanced Programs explore a range of topics such as the Magic of Resonance Causation, the power of Embracing Passion, Anchoring New Hope, The Beauty of Belonging and the keys to Living an Enchanted Life.

There are no prerequisites to our classes and you can begin wherever you are called to start. If the advanced programs seem too esoteric and you need more context, you can always go back to our beginning programs and place a stronger foundation beneath you. (Our Micro Programs have some great options.)

Trust yourself. The spiritual journey is non-linear. Listen to the call of your Soul. Follow your excitement and enthusiasm. Wherever you begin, you will discover a world of love and endless possibilities.

Welcome to Lucid Living. Let the adventure begin.

Ask for help! If you would like to talk to someone and get help on where to begin, a Lucid Living coach will be very happy to support you on your journey.

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