Micro Programs

Emotional Fluency Series

1pondThe Stages of Awakening

A discussion detailing the stages of awakening and their relationship to a range of emotional frequencies. Includes a powerful technique for moving from powerlessness to empowerment. 44 minutes.

Joyous Adult Series

1hairLoving Your Inner Child and Adolescent (discussion)

In the first recording in the Joyous Adult Series, we explore the First Gateway of Adulthood—your relationship with the Child and Adolescent selves within you.

Loving Your Inner Child and Adolescent (meditation)

A beautiful meditation to connect with the child and adolescent within, to discover more about them and offer loving support. (30 Minutes)

Masterful Coaching Series

Engaging Your Future (discussion)

A discussion of the powerful role of the future, with a 5-step process for dreaming and visioning, and a foundation for creating an ongoing relationship with your Future Self. (30 Minutes)

Engaging Your Future (meditation)

A visualization you can use to stimulate your own future dreaming and meet your Future Self. You will visit the “Hall of Futures” where you can gather the imagery that will provide clues to your true dreams and desires. Followed by an opportunity to seek guidance and to deepen your intimacy with your Future Self. A beautiful and poignant meditation you will want to experience again and again. (30 Minutes)

Coaching The Sacred Frontier

This audio is a must-have for any coach interested in coaching and spirituality. It begins with a comprehensive discussion of the four Stages of Awakening and how to coach your clients through the stages. (80 minutes)

Permission To Be – Track A

A discussion of the four key concepts for exploring your emotional being in a world overly focused on doing. As an audio in the Masterful Coach series, the discussion is oriented toward the practice of coaching. However, the concepts are useful for anyone, not limited to life coaches. (30 Minutes)

Permission To Be – Track B

A meditation to explore a fuller range of emotions and expand your appreciation of your being nature. (30 Minutes)

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