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Life is Magical and You are the Magician!


course workbook coverIn-depth metaphysical study is the centerpiece of Lucid Living. Our courses are profoundly enriching, taking you on a deep spiritual journey designed to introduce you to new perspectives, and help you reclaim the thread of magic that will turn your life into a joyous, sacred journey.

The Lucid Living programs create a bold awakening to a new paradigm, essentially a new operating system. In this new system, you’ll uncover spiritual truths with practical applications. You’ll find enchantment, and a beautiful sense of spiritual belonging. In so many ways, you step into a new world, where life is magical and you are the magician, transforming your life before your very eyes.

Every thought, every feeling, every word you speak casts a kind of spell… this energy flows into the universe, shaping your reality, for better or for worse… This is your personal magic.

Becoming a magician is about shaping your life consciously, with loving intention, for yourself and for the world. Becoming a magician is the height of  personal responsibility.


Lucid Living provides the missing manual on how to be an extraordinary human being. 

~ Bill Kegg, Salem, NY


The best way to understand the Lucid Living approach to life is to experience our programs.


Getting Started

If you are new to Lucid Living, explore our suggestions on how to begin your journey. We offer a wealth of resources to support your joyful awakening and expanding wisdom.

Audio Workshops

Our 7-week program, Secrets of Extraordinary Receiving, introduces you to the power of Resonance Magic and expands your capacity to joyously receive. You may also want to give yourself – and your soul – the gift of a beautiful Lucid Living guided meditation. These are strong first steps on the path of Enchantment.

Recorded Classes

Our curriculum of rigorous, in-depth classes have long been the cornerstone of Lucid Living’s work. These instantly downloadable audio programs include recordings of Lucid Living tele-classes and live workshops. Each class is packed with powerful content, illuminating interaction, guided meditation and daily practices to keep the learning alive. You also receive a comprehensive workbook. Lucid Living Recorded Classes bring you into a transformational learning experience you’ll never forget. Take a moment to browse our current offerings. Discounts are available to Mystic Bridge members.


Contact us to speak with a program advisor to tailor your Lucid Living journey to your specific needs. We also offer individual coaching to support you in accelerating your spiritual journey.

Lucid Living programs focus on the source of all change: YOU!



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