Recorded Classes

Lucid Living’s powerful Recorded Classes are downloadable recordings of recent live workshops and teleclasses — providing a transformational learning experience with hours of content, class discussion, and guided visualizations. You’ll get the benefit of hearing Leza and Jeanine interact with the other participants, answering questions and delving deeply into the intimate experience of discovery. A great way to experience Lucid Living’s sought-after courses — listen at your own pace, at your convenience.



Gratitude: Moving Beyond Thankfulness

It’s part of our culture to use “grateful” and “thankful” as synonyms. Most people have no idea that gratitude is a transcendent force that emerges in the synergy of 7 frequencies. There is a process of these emotional frequencies that lifts you to a spontaneous celebration of living and loving…and that is gratitude.  |  Four-hour audio course with comprehensive workbook. 



Living in Enchantment

Catapult your magic to new levels. This audio class takes you on a voyage from beginning to lay a solid foundation of enchantment to discovering how you can become a vessel of change in the world.  |  Twelve-hour audio course with comprehensive workbook. 



The Magic of Resonance Causation:
Trusting the Unseen

Imagine lovingly partnering with responsibility and becoming intimate with its resonance. Imagine hearing the compelling voice of responsibility and allowing it to move you to heroic change. | Twelve-hour audio course with comprehensive workbook.



Beauty of Belonging:
A Potent Response to a World in Crisis

Belonging. What does the word “Belonging” mean to you? What is your sense of belonging and where do you find it? Do you long for greater belonging? | Five-hour audio course with comprehensive workbook.



Anchoring New Hope:
Sacred Ceremonies for a New World

A virtual workshop experience that will fill you with the miraculous force of hope, triggering powerful change. | Ten-hour audio course with comprehensive workbook.



Embracing Passion:
Mastering Negative Ego

What does it take to live your passion? What are the energies that dilute, derail or dismiss your passion? | Thirteen-hour audio course with comprehensive workbook.

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