Anchoring New Hope

Audio Workshop

Anchoring New Hope: Sacred Ceremonies for a New World


The chaos in the world is a reflection of the growing fear and separation we feel. It is a call to an epic crossing—to leave the old ways behind and give birth to a whole new world.

ANH_HopeBannersWhy focus on Hope?

Hope is our bridge to the future. It is the mystical, alchemical force that will give birth to the new world we are dreaming. You are the conduit of hope for an awakening world.

Why now?

We are ready now. Our spirits are exhausted by endless attempts to control circumstances that are spinning out of control. We are ready to trust what we cannot see and be the visionary leaders we came to be.

Now, in the comfort of your own home, you can join spiritual pioneers engaged in a life-changing conversation, as they explore the new tools necessary for navigating this chaos.

This audio workshop offers a blend of guided self-exploration, thought-provoking information and practical application that will awaken your Soul and Spirit. You will:

  • Understand how the world’s chaos is really a reflection of your own inner calling for change.
  • Explore your particular vulnerabilities and how they can become a foothold for hopelessness.
  • Uncover the false hope that leaves you discouraged and depleted.
  • Dismantle your old pattern of losing hope when things don’t go well.
  • Discover the creative force of true hope that feeds your Soul and Spirit.
  • Learn how to generate genuine hope by working with your energy and resonance.
  • Design your own personalized hope map that will guide you as you navigate the chaos.
  • Harness the force of hope to manifest change in yourself and the world.
  • Experience, firsthand, the impact your expectations have on how reality turns out.
  • Create new rituals that support your ongoing practice of infusing your life with genuine hope.
  • Connect with the majestic being you are destined to become and discover how necessary you are to the awakening world.

Program includes:

  • More than 10 hours of recorded inspirational workshop content — you’ll get to hear the participants from our live, in-person weekend workshop as they share their personal stories and insights, with vulnerability and sometimes humor.
  • 4 sacred guided visualizations set to beautiful music.
  • An in-depth, 25-page course workbook.
  • A set of color photos to inspire and augment the private sacred rituals that are part of the experience.
  • Special bonus recordings to personally guide you through the experiential exercises at home.




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