Embracing Passion

Audio Workshop

Embracing Passion: Mastering Negative Ego


As world changes continue to accelerate, it is time to dream new dreams and move forward courageously to bring them into reality.

At the heart of dreaming lies passion. Your passion is awakened as you engage the things you love. Passion is not an ordinary love. It is a boundless love, expressed with unbridled enthusiasm. Passion holds the intensity of insatiable longing and unending yearning. It is an expression of your Soul who calls you home to your Divine Connection.

What does it take to live your passion? What are the energies that dilute, derail or dismiss your passion?

This audio workshop delves into a new level of ego mastery, uncovering more complexity, more realness about your negative ego and the hold it can have over you. You’ll see that you can shift this dynamic and build a more intimate and respectful relationship with your negative ego – allowing you to finally be able to see the darkness within you without being afraid of it.

“The depth of Leza and Jeanine’s understanding of this work is profound. And their mastery with us as participants and humans is breathtaking – they hold us with such deep respect and love, and create a sacred space for growth. In this space, I can learn to have better facility with my humanity, which takes me in the direction of my passion so that I can do my spiritual job, which is to express myself. ”   ~ Rick Tamlyn

This audio workshop includes more than 13 hours of powerful, potent discussion and interaction. You will:

  • Expand the passions you currently know and begin to trace the thread that runs through all your passions.
  • Awaken passions that are lost or forgotten.
  • Meet the 7 Passion Stealers and learn their strategies for keeping you derailed from your passion.
  • Learn powerful techniques to stop the Passion Stealers in their tracks.
  • Understand your negative ego in a whole new light – learn to stop it from getting the best of you.
  • Explore how engaging passion connects you to the powerful, creative force of hope in the world.
  • Reconnect to your primordial passion for living life – deeply feeling the beauty, reverence and amazement that is the gift of life!
  • Kickstart your imagination… giving birth to new, enlivening dreams that can fuel the powerful magic of hope.
  • Choose a specific passion to engage – something you have been procrastinating on – use the support of this workshop to finally move into action!

This Embracing Passion: Mastering Negative Ego audio workshop is designed to spark your passion. Really, really spark – on fire! When you engage your passions at this level, when you open up to lost or forgotten passions, you cross into a terrain that goes beyond specific passions into passion for living life, reconnecting you to a primordial hope of God/Goddess/All That Is. Energize your passions in this way and… you will discover a thrilling new zest for life!

Program includes: 13 hours of audio, 9 recordings in all. The recordings are from a live teleclass, so you will hear all of the content shared, including personal stories and insights of those participants. You’ll also receive a 33-page comprehensive workbook loaded with tools, techniques, details about the Passion Stealers, and homework assignments to help you take your work to a deeper level, because of the assignments you will be taking home, we always allow students to ask for some help, famedwritings are good at doing your studies and they can help you out when you don’t have time.

We invite you to journey with us into the thrilling terrain of PASSION!




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