Gratitude: Moving Beyond Thankfulness

Recorded Class

Gratitude: Moving Beyond Thankfulness

Imagine being in a state where you are complete with everything in your life, where you don’t need anything, where you feel deep contentment and joy, where you can face all of life’s challenges with balance, and openness and love.


Is it possible for you?

Imagine living in a state of joyful abundance; where the sense of lack and anxiety and fear became simple memories of a distant past.

Imagine reawakening a secret power that’s been with you all along, and all you had to do was become reacquainted…

It’s part of our culture to use “grateful” and “thankful” as synonyms. Most people have no idea that gratitude is a transcendent force that emerges in the synergy of 7 frequencies. There is a process of these emotional frequencies that lifts you to a spontaneous celebration of living and loving…and that is gratitude.

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about why Gratitude is such a potent force in the year 2014
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The Gratitude Workshop

In this transcendental audio workshop, we will show you the techniques for invoking gratitude — AND, we will also show you how to embody gratitude and direct its power and flow into any area in your life that needs healing or potent change.

Are you feeling stuck in any area of your life? Do you feel like despite your best efforts or wishes – you are just unable to shift certain elements – like a relationship, a past hurt, or a deep longing for something that just won’t come to fruition?

Are there areas of your life that you are about to push away because in spite of your best intent – you’ve not been able to shift?

Once you learn to harness the power of gratitude, your circumstances will no longer dominate you. They will serve you, by showing you where to focus.


What if you could learn to invoke the Transcendent Power of Gratitude – at will?


This audio workshop will show you:

  • How to access gratitude consciously at any moment – no matter what the circumstances.
  • How to embody its vibration – from a set of feelings to a state of mind.
  • How to direct its power and flow to heal and manifest what you most deeply want in your life.
  • How to melt away the 4 energies of resistance that block your experience of gratitude.

This workshop will give you a new, deeper look at this magnificent force, plus practical tools and techniques to refine and deepen your relationship with gratitude.

Here are some of the specific benefits you can expect from this workshop:

  • Discover the specific elements of gratitude – from feelings to actions.
  • Understand why gratitude can scare us… why you may be unconsciously resisting it.
  • Learn how to cultivate the feeling of gratitude at will no matter what circumstance you are in.
  • Begin to harness gratitude for healing and change.
  • Experience gratitude at a new level, and delve into what is possible from this profound resonance.
  • Discover the connection between gratitude and manifesting what you want in your life.

Join us on this journey of profound transformation. Allow yourself to reconnect with the power of gratitude and free yourself from the unconscious patterns that have kept you from blossoming into more of who you truly are.

Program includes: 11 recordings covering 4 hours of soul-stirring content, including a moving guided visualization set to beautiful music. The recordings are from a live, in-person workshop — you will get to hear all of the discussions, questions and insights shared by those participants. You’ll also receive an in-depth 16-page workbook.



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