Living in Enchantment

Audio Workshop

Living in Enchantment

Byron Allen, Mandala Arts

Byron Allen, Mandala Arts

An Enchanted Life has intensity
It is imbued with Mystery and Wonder
It has Meaning, Significance and Value
It has Order and Purpose
It contains Forgiveness and Second Chances
It is Eternal
It is Sacred

You are here to re-enchant the world.

How does this sound to you? Does it sound grandiose and out of reach? Or do you sense the part of you that knows this to be true?

As a Magician and Mapmaker of an awakening world, you are here to fulfill a beautiful destiny… a destiny chosen by you and your Soul many thousands of years ago.

At Lucid Living, we’ve been talking for years about what it means to participate in the Great Work of our era. Now that work comes into more specific focus:

It is time to become a vessel of enchantment and participate in the re-enchanting of the world.

The path of re-enchanting the world begins with discovering a domain of enchantment and crafting your enchanted life. It is time to work in new ways – consciously – with the energies of creation.

Creation is not tidy – it springs from chaos.

Life is always in a cycle of creation-maintenance-destruction-creation. As the old paradigm is crumbling, we see what is being lost more easily than what is being born. The necessary chaos that always precedes and follows change seems random and unmanageable. This can trigger crisis and the urge to try to control our circumstances. In this dark chaos, life seems anything but enchanted.

There is another way to engage chaos.

As we sink deeper into chaos, embracing new levels of authority, we can discover the beautiful chaos that is alive with light, wonder and joy. It is rich with mystery and teeming with magic. Rather than trying to control or avoid chaos… imagine eagerly engaging the wellspring of chaos, to work with it in a way that sparks the change you desire in your life. Thrilling!

Advanced Magic

Our Advanced Magic Curriculum began with The Magic of Resonance Causation, a truly remarkable audio class that opens new pathways of creation.

Now, the journey continues with Living in Enchantment, which will catapult your magic to new levels.

This audio class takes you on a voyage from beginning to lay a solid foundation of enchantment to discovering how you can become a vessel of change in the world. You will:

  • Discover the 7-step process to Living an Enchanted Life
  • Reconnect with your Magical Child, full of innocence and possibility, who holds the keys to your enchanted future
  • Explore the domains of Beautiful Chaos and Elegant Order
  • Learn how to embody enchantment and take it with you wherever you go
  • Work the magic of enchantment for yourself and for the world
  • Expand your vision as we weave together three specific maps from Lazaris, revealing a dazzling roadmap to the life you dream of living

There is so much to discover of the magic and wonder of enchantment. You won’t want to miss this stunning step in the journey.  Join us for this adventure!

Program includes:  More than 13 hours of class recordings. The recordings are from a live teleclass, so you will hear all of the content shared, including personal stories and insights of those participants. You’ll also receive a comprehensive 33-page workbook and other information that you can find in the website which have the best marketing strategies from sites as that are valuable resources for any website. Stream the audio recordings from the website or download the MP3s to your favorite listening device.



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