The Magic of Resonance Causation

Recorded Class

The Magic of Resonance Causation: Trusting the Unseen


Imagine a world where you purposefully seek responsibility as your deepest priority. Imagine lovingly partnering with responsibility and becoming intimate with its resonance. Imagine rejoicing in its light, sinking into its substance and feeling its warmth. Imagine hearing the compelling voice of responsibility and allowing it to move you to heroic change.

Responsibility at this level is pure beauty.

Resonance causation is about working with energy and emotion to align yourself with the flow of Creation. As you apply this new magic, you will forge a new relationship with responsibility… and build a new foundation of self-trust.

“I loved this teleclass! It was fascinating and beautiful to me.  The depths and richly woven fabric of reality creation were revealed, leading to creating our true hearts desire and a spectacular life with the tools of resonance causation.  It was beautifully taught.  I love both the written materials and the recordings.  I review them often. I am very grateful.” ~ ES, San Francisco

In these Powerful Eight Sessions, you will…

  • Learn what trust isand what it isn’t
  • Bring the source of trust within you, rather than relying on external forces.
  • Discover the five Unfamiliar Senses and how to work with them.
  • Engage with responsibility as a playful and loving companion.
  • Learn to lead with resonance, instead of fear-evoking control.
  • Build a new, enriched relationship with desire, imagination and expectation.
  • Practice building Resonance Fields that are magnets of empowered creation.
  • Deepen your Emotional Fluency and understand the pivotal role of emotions in the new paradigm.



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