The Beauty of Belonging

Recorded Class

The Beauty of Belonging: A Potent Response to a World in Crisis


What does the word “Belonging” mean to you? What is your sense of belonging and where do you find it? Do you long for greater belonging? Perhaps your experience of belonging is reflected in a life rich with friendships and community.  And yet, there is more to know of belonging and its extraordinary power.

Our world is in a crisis of change. With crises come feelings of estrangement, as the pain of perceived separation takes hold.

How can we respond powerfully and magically to the accelerating crisis in our world?

The answer lies in deepening and nurturing our sense of belonging. We all seek belonging. It’s an innate part of our spiritual hunger. And, we can choose how we reach out for belonging.

“Something shifted in me that day… I hope anyone who has the opportunity will listen to the recording of this powerful workshop. What have you got to lose but feelings of being disengaged, disenfranchised and disenchanted? Good stuff to lose, wouldn’t you say?” ~ Kathy Loh, San Rafael, CA

In this five hour audio workshop, you will:

  • Learn why enchantment is the antidote to alienation
  • Acknowledge the crucial choice you must make between crisis and enchantment 
  • Understand how science and religion came together to bring about the disenchanting of the world
  • Open your Unfamiliar Senses to reveal the hidden world of Enchantment
  • Tap into the joy and peace that true belonging brings
  • Embrace your role in the vital re-enchanting of the world

Program includes: 12 recordings covering 5 hours of inspirational content, including 2 guided visualizations set to beautiful music. The recordings are from a live, in-person workshop — you will get to hear all of the discussions, stories and examples shared by those participants. You’ll also receive an in-depth 15-page workbook.



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