The Secrets of Extraordinary Receiving

The Secrets of Extraordinary Receiving

Learning how to receive with ease and joy is one of the most important things you can do for your spiritual awakening.


Audio Cover_smWe say it so often: Our world is in the midst of a profound shift from an old paradigm rooted in fear and separation to a new paradigm of unity, oneness… and enchantment. This shift is calling us to change the fundamental ways we create our lives.

You may be noticing that the way you used to do things – struggling, working hard, earning – is no longer working. Deep down, you know there has got to be a better way!

The key is found in the wonder of receiving. As you learn the powerful secrets of receiving, you will glide into the new paradigm.


Become Masterful at Receiving

The Secrets of Extraordinary Receiving  provides a powerful set of tools and practices that will shift your resonance and amplify your flow around receiving.

In this 7-week audio program, we accompany you, step by step, on a journey of extraordinary receiving. As each week builds on the previous week, you will practice the secrets, working with energy and emotion to make changes within yourself that manifest changes in the world around you. As you work the magic of receiving, you will witness a powerful transformation!

“I loved the practice of bringing in an expanding energy while also releasing a constricting energy — it is a very nurturing process, not scary at all! After taking this course, I easily notice that help, love, nurturing, kindness… are always there! I just needed to make a shift to open up and see it.” ~ Mojdeh Stone, San Francisco, CA


What is included?

Once you sign up, you will receive your first audio download right away, and then a new audio recording each week for a total of 7 weeks. You will also receive a comprehensive workbook that accompanies the course.

Each audio has a consistent structure that includes:

  • A focus on one key concept to master
  • A specific expanding energy to introduce into your life more consciously
  • A specific constricting energy to release– as you add the expanding energy and let go of the constricting energy, you will start to see a profound difference.
  • A short meditation to align your subconscious mind to the new frequencies
  • An action assignment for the upcoming week – a Joyful Receiving Practice to feed the change and give it dimension

Plan on spending about 35-45 minutes for each week’s audio, plus a bit of time each day to implement your Joyful Receiving Practice – to get the most out of this program, it’s important that you create space in your life to work with the information and the practices. You may choose to listen to the audio every day for seven days, as you drive to work or make dinner, to reinforce its powerful messages.

In so many ways, receiving is a mystery. We all know how to give, we know how to allow things to happen, we know how to get what we want. But we don’t always allow ourselves to receive – really receive – what we create. And this deeper mastery of receiving is life-transforming and we want you to be in on it!

Step into a whole new world of ease and flow, as you open your heart to the magic of RECEIVING.



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