Guided Meditations

Morning Meditation

This short but potent meditation is a beautiful way to start the day.  An opportunity to connect to the Magician within, to engage the power of the elements, to set down the qualities of Domination and engage the energies of Dominion.  In this resonance of Dominion, you visualize what you want to create and set your intentions for the day ahead.  20 minutes

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Connecting with Soul and Spirit

A beautiful meditation to slow down and connect with the energies of your Soul and be filled with the light of your Spirit. 18 minutes.

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  1. Forgot to mention the reason. The music in the background.

  2. I have a high frequency hearing loss. The Morning Meditation is very difficult to understand the words whereas the connecting with soul is great. Might I have the written words for the Morning meditation.

    • HI Phil,

      I’m sorry you can’t hear the morning meditation very well. The only difference between the two is the program I created them in originally. Unfortunately I don’t have any written words for it. I didn’t work from a script, but just spoke from my heart.

      Thanks for letting us know. The only solace for this particular situation is to know that your subconscious can hear the words, even if your ears can’t. So perhaps the meditation will still be useful to listen to without following the words, or as you fall asleep.

      WIth love,


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