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Hiring a coach is a gift to yourself, a gift of support and guidance to accelerate your spiritual journey.  It can also be an expression of your commitment and willingness to be held accountable as you move into greater levels of joyous responsibility. Whether you are participating in our Mystic Bridge community, our Great Story Coaching Program, or studying the Lucid Living System through our audio workshops and recorded classes, we highly highly recommend working with a Lucid Living Life Coach.

One-on-One support

In hiring a coach, you enter into a unique alliance. Our coaches support you to:

  • Uncover denied emotion and harness it as a source of power
  • Work through the layers of discovering your Great Story
  • Question your limiting beliefs and routine choices
  • Resolve the motivations of the conflicting voices within you
  • Explore your true will and heart’s desires and move you to fulfill them
  • Discover inner resources of strength and happiness
  • Claim greater freedom and full authority for all of your life
  • Develop spiritual wisdom as concepts become a way of life
  • Generate happiness and success

Choose from Among our Qualified Coaches

Lucid Living coaches are uniquely qualified to serve you on your spiritual journey. Our coaches are all certified and have a minimum of ten years coaching experience.  As long-time students of this work, they are well-versed in the Lucid Living Process.  Additionally, they understand the courage it takes to pursue this path, and bring the wisdom and compassion of first-hand experience.


Leza Danly, CPCC, MCC
Lucid Living Founder, LezaLeza Danly, is a visionary Master Coach and trainer. She has been working with clients on a journey of spiritual awakening for more than thirty-five years. Leza is passionate about liberating emotional authenticity, the wellspring of miracles.

During her years training coaches at CTI, Leza became known for her ability to make finely tuned distinctions, and was invited by CTI founder Henry Kimsey-House to design the first training program for CTI Supervisors. She taught a rigorous curriculum of deep listening and expanded perception. It was during this time that she witnessed the hunger for a more comprehensive skill set to engage the inner life of the client. She started Lucid Living in 1999 to give awakened coaches a deep spiritual foundation with practical tools and techniques their clients could relate to. For fifteen years, she has trained Master Coaches who bring coaching and leadership skills to organizations around the world. She is a charismatic speaker and featured keynote, sharing her passion for enchantment and magic. Her greatest joy is creating a sacred space where it is safe to love and be loved.

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Jeanine Mancusi, CPCC, MCC
JeanineJeanine is a Master Certified Coach (MCC and CPCC) and Co-Director of Lucid Living. She is committed to helping her clients embrace the freedom and the fun of the sacred journey.

For more than 25 years, Jeanine has been devoted to adult learning and effective training. As Director of the Coaches Training Institute from 1997 to 1999, she helped to create an extensive library of coaching resources, and develop the Certification Program. She was also responsible for getting the CTI curriculum accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Jeanine trained hundreds of coaches as a CTI course leader, supervisor, examiner and program advisor before bringing her skills and passion to the Lucid Living curriculum.

Jeanine has maintained a robust coaching practice for nearly 20 years, with a specialty in supporting coaches making a powerful difference in the world. Many of her clients are bringing transformation and personal development to high level executives and heads of state around the world.

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Kathy Loh, PCC, CPCC, MA
KathyKathy is a visionary coach, leader, facilitator and writer. She is trained in multiple coaching disciplines, including Co-active, Organization and Relationship Systems, and Lucid Living (with whom she began her journey in 2003).

Kathy has also trained in multiple healing and metaphysical modalities: shamanism, Tibetan and Usui Reiki, sound and voice healing, to name a few. Her coaching style reflects her broad range of interests.

Having coached for over a decade, Kathy is well into her third career (the first two being music teaching/composing and computer programming). She recently fulfilled her dream of moving to a home on acreage in the Sierra foothills of CA and enjoys outdoor activities, especially hiking, photography, the company of dear friends and her dog, Cody.

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Trudy Kendall, CPCC, PCC
TrudyTrudy coaches entrepreneurs and individuals in organizations, cultivating conscious and powerful leadership in all aspects of work and life. Her background includes over 20 years of corporate leadership in international organizations, and coaching teams and individuals. Trudy has completed coach training with TEC (1990), CTI (1998), and Lucid Living (2002).

She has integrated her Lucid Living training with Co-Active coaching to bring a powerful heart and soul-based approach to her coaching. In addition to her work as a coach, Trudy has served on the faculty of CTI since 2000 as both a supervisor and an examiner in their coaching certification program. For a period of three years she co-lead CTI’s supervisor training. Also, for nine years Trudy served on CTI’s executive team holding a variety of positions including Director of Strategic Initiatives, Co-President and President.

Trudy is dedicated to high-quality, spiritually-based coaching and having fun in the process. In relationship with Trudy you will encounter an endearing combination of grounded warmth and quirky, playful humor. For Trudy, life is a grand adventure and she has a passionate interest in exploring with others the deeper questions of this journey we call life.

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Dorcas Kelley, CMC, CPCC, PCC
DorcasDorcas loves working with individuals, teams and organizations to help them find greater passion, ease, joy and productivity in their lives and work. She embodies the name of her business – Clarity In Action – and strives to help her clients find transformation and development through clarity of thought, intention, life vision and behavior. Dorcas brings an insightful blend of play, pragmatism, humor and accountability into her coaching. She sees life as an exciting adventure, always evolving and unfolding. In addition to her individual coaching practice, she brings over 25 years of experience in corporate, small business, non-profit and entrepreneurial environments in the roles of management consultant, executive coach and trainer / teacher.

Dorcas is on faculty for The Coaches Training Institute, San Francisco State University, Stanford Professional Development, and other Bay Area colleges. Her coach training includes CTI (CPCC 2001), Organizational and Relationship Systems (2003), and New Ventures West (2008). She’s been a devoted student with Lucid Living for over a decade and is also a PCC through ICF. Dorcas lives peacefully in the midst of Silicon Valley chaos, frequently hiking, camping and traveling with her two big goofy dogs.

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