Hire a Coach

Hiring a coach is a gift to yourself, a gift of support and guidance to accelerate your spiritual journey.  It can also be an expression of your commitment and willingness to be held accountable as you move into greater levels of joyous responsibility. Whether you are participating in our Mystic Bridge community, our Great Story Coaching Program, or studying the Lucid Living System through our audio workshops and recorded classes, we highly highly recommend working with a Lucid Living Life Coach.

One-on-One support

In hiring a coach, you enter into a unique alliance. Our coaches support you to:

  • Uncover denied emotion and harness it as a source of power
  • Work through the layers of discovering your Great Story
  • Question your limiting beliefs and routine choices
  • Resolve the motivations of the conflicting voices within you
  • Explore your true will and heart’s desires and move you to fulfill them
  • Discover inner resources of strength and happiness
  • Claim greater freedom and full authority for all of your life
  • Develop spiritual wisdom as concepts become a way of life
  • Generate happiness and success

Choose from Among our Qualified Coaches

Lucid Living coaches are uniquely qualified to serve you on your spiritual journey. Our coaches are all certified and have a minimum of ten years coaching experience.  As long-time students of this work, they are well-versed in the Lucid Living Process.  Additionally, they understand the courage it takes to pursue this path, and bring the wisdom and compassion of first-hand experience.


Leza Danly, CPCC, MCC
Jeanine Mancusi, CPCC, MCC
Kathy Loh, PCC, CPCC, MA
Trudy Kendall, CPCC, PCC
Dorcas Kelley, CMC, CPCC, PCC
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