New Maps of Awakening

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What are the new maps of awakening? What do you mean by maps?

There are many old maps that have become “traditional wisdom,” depending on the culture in which you live. For example, a map that many have followed for decades goes like this: get an education, work hard, be responsible and life will be good to you. This map worked well for many, fifty years ago, but it no longer works. Education and hard work are worthy things, but they no longer guarantee what they seemed to in the past, now a days going to college is not even necessary with all the courses available online at . And the old definitions of responsibility were interpreted through a lens of duty, obligation and struggle.

To understand the new maps of awakening, you need to be familiar with the shift in ideology from Newtonian physics to quantum physics. To really paraphrase it, it is a shift in the way science views how things are caused. According to Newton, every action causes a reaction. This “impact causation” is the basic cause-and-effect principle that governs how objects interact in the physical world.

But human causation is more sophisticated. With the discovery of quantum physics, we now know that effects are essentially generated by consciousness, and then physical “causes” are paired with those effects. This “resonance causation” reveals that reality is created by energy, and like attracts like. Instead of using force to make something happen by mechanical impact, you generate an energetic field that is compatible with the reality you want to create and then allow it to manifest. This is a higher level of awareness of the physical plane of reality.

It is taking time for the world to catch up to this proven fact. We are still so accustomed to believing in cause and effect that when something out of the ordinary happens, we search for logical reasons, even when none is apparent. We continue to push and drive ourselves to make things happen, and those efforts bear less and less fruit.

Here’s a simple example. “Janet consistently arrived late to work, so her boss fired her.” Impact causation says that Janet was fired because of her tardiness. Cause and effect. The word “so” implies cause. If we take it out of the equation, we have two facts that may or may not have anything to do with each other.

Resonance causation says that Janet’s energetic field attracted the firing. Now, the nature of that energy could be any number of things. She may have felt stuck in this job and wanted to leave. Or she may have a belief that “nothing ever works out for me.” It might be a strong attitude of blame that she carries that now becomes manifest and justified by her reality. There are countless possibilities for the more real cause of her firing. Her boss did not say “Your resonance is not a compatible frequency for this office,” but that would be closer to the truth.

Do you ever wonder why certain people succeed and others fail, even when those who succeed may have less talent? Some people have made a fundamental choice to be successful, and that choice resonates at a high frequency of vibration. They become attractors for success. There are others whose beliefs, choices and emotions add up to a self-image of never quite making it. They may be smart and talented and worthy, but they have not created the resonance of success and therefore, it eludes them.

The new maps of awakening are techniques and approaches for a world that is waking up to resonance causation. If you create your reality based on the resonance of your raw materials– your thoughts and feelings, your beliefs and attitudes, the choices and decisions you make day to day– then many of the old rules no longer apply. Working with resonance as a foundation for effective action requires an entirely different set of maps than attempting to control circumstances via determined action.

It may be simpler to say that Janet was fired for being late, and the solution would seem to be to work harder at the behavior level to correct that bad habit. But the truth has greater complexity. As Janet can understand the beliefs and attitudes and emotions she has, she will begin to see how her tardiness is a reflection of her anger or frustration or boredom. She can then consciously make changes in her life without “forcing” reality to do it for her.

The world is on the verge of learning to set down the limited paradigm of impact causation. We are just beginning to learn the mysteries of resonance causation. Against this new backdrop, there are countless new maps to be made for life in Dominion.

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