A New Operating System

Human consciousness is undergoing a profound transformation. Different from the gradual process of steady change that has always been, it is a leap in evolution that has never been done before. This human metamorphosis is a thrilling and scary process. We are literally becoming a new kind of human being!

Making this evolutionary leap requires us to install a New Operating System…

In this age of technology, we all know the influence of an operating system. An operating system is essentially a set of rules that determine how everything on that system will function. It enables the various programs to work and determines how smoothly and efficiently they will run.

The human operating system of the past is unsuited for the challenges of the future because it is based on a faulty premise of separation.


The set of rules currently running our world initially emerged as a fear-based response to the illusion of being separate from Love. With consensus agreement, we co-created a paradigm of separation and installed programs that made sense within a culture of fear and alienation:

  • Fighting for limited resources
  • Competing to achieve superiority
  • Struggling to earn a sense of worthiness
  • Denying authentic emotion
  • Crafting a performance of self
  • Manipulating and controlling circumstances
  • Attacking those who seem to threaten our safety
  • Defending ourselves, assigning blame and avoiding personal responsibility
  • Seeking endless possession and consumption to fill the emptiness

This operating system has become so efficient, it has produced a world that is consuming itself. We move faster, try harder, struggle more in an attempt to outrun a distorted culture of personal and global imbalance. The result is exhaustion, depression, disappointment and shame and trying to convince ourselves to be satisfied with what we have.

Isn’t it time for an upgrade?


The Lucid Living way of life operates on the new System of Enchantment. 


Enchantment is the belief that everything in the universe is alive, conscious and wondrous. With this new system, you align yourself and your life with a higher truth of spiritual Oneness. You can step into the field of inter-connectivity and access resources that have been previously out of reach.

Moving to the new System of Enchantment can seem scary, because it plunges you into the chaos of the unknown, and asks you to trust the invisible but potent intelligence of mystery, imagination, wonder and magic.

Fortunately, help is available!

The Lucid Living Curriculum walks you through a full system upgrade so you can run the programs that matter most:

  • Vibrant, conscious living
  • Meaningful work and fulfilling success
  • Empowered, loving relationships
  • Confident sense of deserving and receiving
  • Emotional authenticity and freedom
  • Creative self-expression
  • Joyful play

We need new beliefs, new thoughts, new attitudes, new choices, new desires, new expectations… We need an understanding of the phenomenon of conscious reality creation—how each of us creates our individual realities while at the same time we collectively allow something grander to unfold.

The New Operating System of Enchantment makes it possible to see the “More Real” fabric of life. Beyond a conceptual awareness, it opens up a personal experience of deep interconnection and belonging. From that place of sublime well being, anything is possible. You simply need to receive the necessary tools and learn how to use them.


We make it fun and easy to leave your old programs behind…

For nearly two decades, we’ve been successfully helping people make the courageous leap to a new way of perceiving reality and giving them the tools they need to live in that new world. We’ve offered workshops, tele-classes, retreats and ongoing life coaching based on our proven system of lasting change, residential programs for troubled youth. We’ve watched hundreds of people transform before our eyes into confident, joyful adults living rich, authentic, conscious lives. 

Our Proven 7-Step System of Change

Embedded in every course in Lucid Living’s curriculum of transformational programs is an integrated 7-step approach that ensures lasting change.

1.  Perception of Reality. We set the stage with mind-blowing key concepts that instantly shift your perception of reality.

2.  Spiritual Principles. We give you a complete spiritual framework for operating in the emerging new paradigm, with detailed maps to get wherever you want to go.

3.  Emotional Empowerment. We transform your relationship to your full range of emotions – the fuel of your reality creation – and guide you through the challenging emotions that would have you turn away from your power.

4.  Inner Voice. We connect you to your inner wisdom and provide the empowering distinctions to recognize the loving inner voice you can trust.

5.  Practical Magic. We provide the invaluable tools and techniques for meeting life’s challenges, fulfilling your heart’s desires and transforming your world around you.

6.  Higher Guidance. We lead you into altered states of awareness with beautiful guided visualizations where you lift beyond your limitations and learn to receive healing and change from higher aspects of your consciousness.

7.  Community Support. We offer a playground of support to share your unique journey with others and receive the help you need.

The New World is waiting for you to come and play. Are you ready to make the leap?

Begin your journey today. Visit our Metaphysical Programs page to get started.

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