Our Promise To You

promise2If you will honestly engage the Lucid Living Process and do the inner work, everything your heart desires is waiting for you. It is yours to create and yours to receive.

It may not come in the form your ego would suggest, but that will be surprisingly irrelevant to you.  We promise.

In fact, you will actually be grateful that it did not come in a form that would lead you away from yourself. Because being loyal to yourself and honoring every part of you while at the same time honoring life and the world around you will become the core of your character.

Our greatest joy is watching our students falling in love with themselves in a humble and empowering way.

We can promise you this: If you learn our process and honestly apply the tools, you will come to genuinely value yourself as you’ve secretly wished the world would value you. And as you do, the doors swing open to the life of your dreams.

We’ve witnessed it countless times and experienced it in our own lives.

We can also promise that this process will challenge you in ways you’ve never been challenged before, and that the challenge will be a gift. True challenge is always rewarding, unlike struggle, which is disillusioning and depleting. We invite you to trade your struggle for real challenge, and the growing esteem that comes with it.

Whether you’ve been on a spiritual path for decades or for a very short time, all the wisdom you’ve gathered will come alive and make sense in a new way.

One more promise – We promise that the complexity and rigor of the Lucid Living Process, which may at first seem daunting and difficult, will soon be a source of fascination and joyous fun. You won’t believe how thrilling your journey of awakening is about to become.

Lucid Living is a joyous, sacred journey of coming home to the Source of all Love, which has always been within you. Now you have the tools to make it real.

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