Powerful Distinction Coaching Tip: Power vs. Strength

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Do you know what your strengths are? And what about your powers? Can you clearly define them and lean on them in challenging times?

And what about your clients? How skilled are you at identifying their unique powers and strengths, and helping them find an effective balance?

We’ve been talking a lot about powers and strengths in the last few months here at Lucid Living. The world is at a critical point in our collective awakening. Each of us is called to harness our powers and use our strengths to move toward a positive future of dreams coming true.

It helps to understand the difference between the two:

A power is an ability. It is a feminine energy, a space of possibility and potential waiting to be made manifest.

A strength is a willingness. It is a masculine energy that fills the space with will.

When ability and willingness come together in balance, they are unstoppable.

For example, you may have a power of love. You may recognize yourself as someone with a tremendous amount of love to give, and a depth of wisdom about love out of many years experience. That ability to love is a power you have.

Loving is a strength. The actual act of loving another takes the will and intention to harness the power of your love and put it into action. It is a willingness to express your loving, which is a vulnerable act.

There are many with the ability to love who don’t balance that power by developing the strength of loving. And there are many who spend lots of time loving, but rarely take the time to expand the space of love within them.

A life full of rarely-used powers leads to frustration, resentment and dreams unfulfilled.  A life of overused strengths leads to exhaustion and burnout.

Begin to notice the imbalance, in yourself and in your clients. Where is life calling for greater balance

And just for fun, here are a few more of the many powers and strengths to think about:

  • The power of creativity and the strength of productivity
  • The power of imagination and the strength of will
  • The power of leadership and the strength of impact
  • The power of passion and the strength of compassion

Have fun assessing your strengths and powers, and looking for the balance in your clients!

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