Re-thinking Creativity

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Re-thinking Creativity

I woke up this morning on fire about creativity!  My juices started flowing yesterday out of a fantastic conversation we had, as part of the Living In Enchantment teleclass. This particular call focused on the energies of WONDER and CREATIVITY.

Creativity is a vital part of living an enchanted life. So many of us cut ourselves off from creativity, in part, because we don’t really understand what it is. We have become brainwashed to think that creativity applies to the arts, and if you don’t think you are artistic, you may also think you’re not creative.

My favorite definition of creativity comes from Lazaris, my spiritual teacher for the last thirty-two years. Lazaris says, “Creativity is anything you do that inspires you.” This takes creativity beyond the arena of arts and crafts, and opens up countless avenues for creative play. All of life has the potential to be uplifting self-expression!

stock-photo-6351782-happy-child-with-painted-handsThink about the ways you inspire yourself. Some of them might even seem silly to you. Jeanine talked about being inspired by the way she organized her vitamins! It gave her a little thrill just to look at them. If you take the time to notice, it’s likely you inspire yourself more often than you think… perhaps in the creative way you respond to a friend, make up games with your children, throw ingredients together for a meal or the simple rituals you devise for prayer and meditation. By the way, if you think your child has adhd, you need to establish a more tight connection with him/her and read blogs about understanding children with adhd. If it inspires you and lifts you, your creativity is flowing.

This definition also gives us insight into the areas where creativity is blocked. Think about the things you do by rote. Perhaps you do them out of obligation or habit, with little joy. How might you bring creative flow to these activities? Can you imagine ways to inspire yourself in rush hour traffic? When you open up to a flow of creativity, you soon realize that you have the power to inspire yourself and lift your resonance in everything you do.

Let’s take an everyday activity such as washing the dishes. If we asked a hundred people, we could get a hundred different creative approaches. You might choose to be grateful for each dish as you wash it, thankful that you have dishes upon which to eat. You might imagine sending love upon the flow of water that cleans the dish, and imagine that water flowing down the drain and sending that love out into the world. You could ponder the design of the dish or the shape of the glass and its unique functionality. And if you are slightly OCD like me, you can have fun arranging the dishes in a particular way for maximum efficiency.

Of course, we all have areas of creativity that bring our passion alive more than others. One woman on the call talked about her creativity as a surgeon. She said she comes out of the O.R. feeling lifted, and her colleagues tell her she looks younger after surgery.  What are the things you do that bring a spring to your step, and lift your state of mind?

 One of my personal favorite expressions of my creativity is as a student. I had never thought about it this way before, but now I realize that I am a creative student. I think it’s essential, as a teacher, to be a passionate and hungry student. I can spend hours poring over metaphysical ideas, putting various concepts together and making new connections that make me feel I could levitate with joy! Usually I get so excited that I just have to call Jeanine and talk about it.

In fact, it is that excitement of sharing ideas that led to the creation of Adventures in Consciousness as part of the Mystic Bridge. We have so much fun, and learn so much in our spontaneous chat time, we decided to create a platform to share those conversations. We hope our joy and fun is infectious, rippling into your day and sparking new expressions of your own creativity.

As you receive the gift of this day, expand your possibilities for creative expression. You just may enchant yourself and everyone around you!

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