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What do you mean by resonance?

Your resonance is an energetic field made up of the synergy of your various frequencies of vibration. To put it into slang, it’s your “vibe”. We’ve all had experiences of people or places or situations that seemed to have a good vibe or a bad vibe. Our unfamiliar senses are picking up on the energetic frequencies of thoughts, feelings, attitudes, intentions, motivations and more. We are multidimensional beings with a lot of stuff going on inside. This includes what might be considered as higher thoughts, cleaner motivations, positive intentions, and also negative thoughts, fear-based motivations and more. All of it comes together in a synergy, a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts, creating your resonance field.

It is a rude awakening to many to discover they can no longer perform their intentions and motivations. Resonance doesn’t lie and cannot be performed.

That’s why so much of the Lucid Living curriculum begins with a depth of work on emotional fluency. The frequencies of constricting emotions, such as hurt, rage, fear, blame, loneliness, jealousy, hopelessness and more, lower your resonance and limit what you are capable of creating or receiving in your life.

Mistakenly, many have thought the secret was to simply avoid these frequencies and deny them. These powerful emotions cannot be wished away. Denied emotions are still a part of your resonance. It is through the experience and release of these frequencies that you can genuinely lift your resonance and become an attractor for miracles.

You can also consciously develop the expansive emotions to lift your resonance. Learning to cultivate love, happiness, gratitude, hope, trust, compassion, enthusiasm and more will absolutely change your life. In addition to working with emotions, you can change your beliefs to be in greater alignment with higher truths, and those new beliefs will resonate at a higher frequency. Similarly, making choices that are more self-honoring lifts your resonance. Rising to meet the challenges of life with character and dignity lifts your resonance. Holding a vision of hope for a positive future raises your resonance. And so forth.

There is much to learn about resonance causation. (For more on resonance causation, we offer an audio recording series called Trusting the Unseen : The Magic of Resonance Causation) As we stretch our imaginations and recover the power of our creativity, the possibilities are limitless.

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