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You seem to distinguish “spiritual” and “metaphysical”. What is the difference?

At Lucid Living, we define spirituality as your personal relationship to the Divine. Everyone is spiritual. Everyone has a relationship, even if it is one of non-belief. How you cultivate that spirituality is a very personal choice. For some of our students, religion plays a part in their spiritual tradition. For others, relating to a spiritual source apart from any structured religion works better.

Metaphysics is the study of the unseen world beyond the physical plane. There are certain metaphysical truths that govern reality creation. The more we can understand these truths and learn their practical application, the more we can be empowered in the conscious creation of our lives.

Lucid Living teaches metaphysical principles and their practical application. Our classes are also openly spiritual, meaning we speak about our own experiences of the Divine and the metaphysics we teach is within a context of belief in a Divine Source of love. We’ve had students come to Lucid Living with little or no belief in a Higher Power who still learned a great deal from our classes. For many, the non-religious approach to exploring the nature of consciousness has allowed them to find a true sense of experiential spirituality for the first time in their lives.

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