Visioning, Dreaming and Goal Setting

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Leza & Jeanine share their thoughts on visioning, dreaming and goal setting, from a Lucid Living perspective, and give some ideas on how to begin feeling into the energy of the new year ahead. This is a perfect time, right now, to dream your 2015. Listen and be inspired! A lot of people is dreaming with a new car, new family or even a new house, or just remodeling their homes with Palm Beach Roofing!

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  1. I’d love to hear what kinds of dreams are being created by our Mystic Bridge community… Anyone willing to share?

    I can share that I am dreaming MANY dreams for 2015, including an extraordinarily transformative and joyous 3-day culmination of our Great Story Coaching Program in May, a deeply fun and pleasurable trip to France and Italy for my 60th birthday this summer, and a full month in the fall renting a house on the ocean in Santa Barbara where I can take the time to BE in the resonance of beauty and dream new dreams for 2016 and beyond!

    I’m also dreaming a lot about watching the first group of Great Story Coaches going out into the world to catalyze deeper transformation for their clients, and watching the ripple of impact expanding, and feeling the deep fulfillment of watching love grow…

    What is YOUR imagination and desire pointing you to claim?

  2. As always Leza and Jeanine, you two provide us with exactly what we need at EXACTLY the right moment! I know what’s up next for me is deepening my connection with my higher self – receiving a vision and trusting my work and my path. And this beautifully illuminates that next step.

    As I look back and see how my life has completely transformed over the past 5 years, I’m so excited and so ready to show up even more powerfully and see what’s next!!

    Beautiful recording – thank you both so much. So love you both. Here’s to 2015!

    • I love to hear this, Veronica! I can’t wait to see what dreams emerge and I hold the anticipation of your vision coming clear in this Year of Remembering. I hope we get to work with you in person this year and celebrate your journey! xo

  3. I love the distinction between a deeam & a Vision! The one we create, the other we allow. Very powerful & empowering distinction. Martin Luther King was allowing the vision to come forth through him. Not his creation, just something aching to be birthed. Love it!! Feels like for those we have just to stand out of it’s way & warn & apologize to those attached to the status quo!! makes it fun in a new way! Thanks!

    • It is an illuminating distinction, isn’t it? Somehow it gives me full permission to let my dreams fly on the wings of my imagination, while paying attention to that deep knowing and hope of a vision that just grows stronger with each passing year… Have fun conjuring dreams AND receiving visions of your magnificent future!

  4. Beautiful. Thank you

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