Welcome To Lucid Living

Welcome To Lucid Living


Dear Conscious Adventurer,

We are so glad you are here! The world is rapidly awakening and changing. A new world is emerging. Have you noticed the chaos?

Lucid Living is here to provide the essential maps, effective tools and loving support to help you navigate the chaotic and exciting terrain of change.

As you begin to explore this site, we wanted to introduce ourselves and point to several key features.

The people behind Lucid Living are Leza Danly and Jeanine Mancusi, metaphysical teachers and life coaches with a combined fifty-three years of experience. We have taught those who have traveled a spiritual path for many years, as well as people who are just beginning to take their first steps on their personal spiritual journey. And everyone in between!

For the past thirteen years, we’ve been transforming lives and pioneering new territory in the field of spiritual awakening. We’ve honed our 7-step Lucid Living Approach – a powerful approach that moves you into empowerment and awakens your innate spiritual intelligence. Each of our programs follows this process.

We offer many things you can enjoy at no charge, such as sample recordings and feature articles that will give you a taste of who we are so you can decide if we are right for you.

You can participate more actively with Lucid Living in one of two ways:

  • Sign up for one of our classes. We offer a library of audio Metaphysical Programs where you can begin to learn the life-changing principles of Lucid Living.
  • Join the Mystic Bridge, our membership community with new Adventures In Consciousness recordings each week and a host of other fun features.

If you are ready to let more magic into your life, receive with ease and grace, and have more fun than ever before… We are ready to show you a whole new operating system. Our promise to you  is that if you fully engage in the Lucid Living Process and do the inner work, everything your heart desires is waiting for you. It is yours to create and yours to receive.

We would love to share our discoveries and guide you on a joyous, sacred journey.

With love and enchantment,

Leza and Jeanine

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