Why It Gets Better

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Why It Gets Better

I’ve been thinking about the slogan of the It Gets Better Project, which was created in the aftermath of several gay teen suicides in 2010. Their ongoing mission is to bring hope to LGBT teenagers, to remind them that they are not alone, and to reflect models of happiness, success, love and fulfillment that await them if they can keep the faith through the brutal pain of their teen years.

At the time, I was overjoyed that this movement was emerging out of the rage of felt powerlessness, and I loved its potent, succinct message: It Gets Better.

Have you ever stopped to think about why it gets better? What is the higher truth that allows us to offer that message of hope to disenfranchised teens?

A few days ago, I was talking with Frank about my all-consuming passion for awakening consciousnewhyItGetsss– how it’s my favorite thing to think about, and the calling to which I dedicate my life.

I found myself blurting, “The inherent Promise in genuinely walking a path of spiritual awakening is that life always gets better! Even as we grow older and face all the challenges of aging, I know that life will only get better for us. We will be happier, more joyful, wiser, more responsible, more free, and experiencing more love than at any time before! Because we are deeply committed to our journey of awakening to love!”

It was in that moment that I made the connection. The reason it gets better is a function of consciousness. Of course!

We can’t offer guarantees that hatred and bigotry and violence will completely end toward those who pose the “great threat” of being different. And while we have reason to feel hopeful that the world is ultimately evolving toward greater levels of tolerance and kindness, what we can guarantee is that as you change, so does your reality.

It comes back to the core principle of our metaphysics: Nothing changes until you do.

In many ways, “It Gets Better” throws out a tether of fortitude to help you hang in there long enough to wake up… Wake up to the inherent value of your consciousness… Wake up to the beauty of your Soul and the freedom of your personal choice… Wake up to the possibilities of healing and forgiveness… Hang in there long enough to learn how to throw off the suffocating web of shame and fear… Hang in there long enough to feel the love that holds you each step of your divine journey… Know that the courage you muster today will be the strength you share tomorrow. Believe that you matter, you are necessary, and the world is counting on your unique gifts to get us all to this New World we are dreaming.

In this way, It Gets Better is a message for us all. It is an invitation to awakening and a promise of ever-expanding hope.

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  1. A quick note to say thank you! I may need to write on the board 100 times: Nothing changes until you do. Nothing changes until you do. Nothing changes until you do!

  2. This perspective is really helpful! I love the expansive hope inherent in awakening. And it helps me to think about the Stages of Awakening…to revisit these stages, and to assess where I currently am in my perspective. I think when I am experiencing a constricted time…or when things seem to be in a downward spiral, that I have retreated to a lesser stage of awakening…either struggle/overcoming or victim…I have reached for my negative ego or refused to take responsibility…effectively going back to sleep in terms of my consciousness. I know it isn’t linear…and I find the spiral image helpful here, too…that I can focus on awakening and expanding upward…having things get better…or I can ‘forget’ and go back to sleep in some ways…fall back into the traps of Domination and experience my life through the lens of victim or martyr…which both feel much worse and seem to be a downward spiral. I loved these “It gets better” messages…I found they spoke directly to my adolescent in many ways. I want to embrace this for myself…and to talk to my child and adolescent in very specific ways and remind them that it does get better as I step more and more into my spiritual awakening. That I can continue to throw off the webs of shame and fear…can muster my courage and allow myself to feel the love that is all around me on this journey. If I can hold it like a natural waking and sleeping cycle…I can take the negative association off of the forgetting…the falling asleep…and remind myself to wake up….with love. It is so good to have friends and magicians alongside me on this journey…to remind me that it gets better! Thank you!

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